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  • The History of Africa with Zeinab Badawi is perhaps the most important contemporary artistic contribution on Africa today.  This groundbreaking nine-part series presented by the Sudanese-born British tv star, looks at the history of Africa from the African perspective. It is also entertaining and will go a long way to filling the current yawning gap in our knowledge of our history.

    Anver Versi - New African Magazine
  • A people without a knowledge of its past is like a tree without roots. History is a limitless resource, its lessons, priceless.

    Duke Cooper
  • Wonderful and enlightening series. Just one observation: @TheZeinabBadawi seems to have limited wardrobe.

  • Watching the fascinating documentary on @BBCWorld , on little known history of Ethiopia & Christianity there. Outstanding #HistoryOfAfrica

    Deepak Gogoi‏
  • This @BBCWorld "History of Africa" series by Zeinab Badawi is terrific.

    Howard - USA
  • A "can't miss" for anyone interested in PanAfricanism! By my favourite Journo, filmed with entirely African crew. #AU

    Ranieri Sabatucci‏
  • Brilliant, educative and amazing documentary. Always enjoyed watching the #HistoryofAfrica series, watching the fascinating documentary on @BBCWorld, on little known history of Ethiopia & Christianity there. Outstanding #HistoryOfAfrica.

    Anderson Rioba‏
  • I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Mother Africa programme. I just watched the episode on Ethiopia. I couldn't believe it when I saw those men feeding hyenas by mouth! Amazing. Thanks for the great content.

    Kara Roberts
  • It was absolutely wonderful!  The images were magnificent and the text provided a clear and concise interpretation of Egyptian history, which seemed to organize for me my years of muddled thinking on the topic.

    Former US Ambassador - Central Asia
  • I found the programme about the Rise of Aksum fascinating and truly enlightening, it's incredible that we have such little knowledge of the history of one of the biggest continents. I hope you are getting all of the positive feedback that you deserve I can't wait to see the rest of the episodes.

    Nicolas Greece
  • What an excellent narration of Africa's history. This must be a must read/watch for generations to come.

    Senior African official - Kenya

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